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A good credit score typically ranges between 650 and 719, but what do you do if you’re buying a home and your credit falls below that range? Having bad credit can make it next to impossible to get approved for a mortgage.

Lexington Law has been helping clients repair their credit since 2004. For the past decade, they have been a leader in credit repair across the country, and in 2019 alone, they removed 1.5 million inaccuracies from client’s credit reports. 


What factors impact my credit score?

Understanding exactly what impacts credit score is important for maintaining your credit score. Out of the five factors that could affect your credit score, late payments will impact your score the most. Behind that is credit utilization, number or credit inquiries, length of credit history, and credit diversity. 

How does credit repair work?

At Lexington Law, they work to improve a client’s credit by removing negative items that may be bringing down their credit score. This can be something like disputing an account that doesn’t belong to you, or removing inaccurate accounts.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that credit reporting agencies are accurate when reporting credit scores, but the process can be complicated, causing errors in their reporting.

This is where Lexington Law can step in to help fix your credit so the report is as accurate as possible, and the score isn’t lower than it should be. 

Credit repair companies can also help you execute a plan to improve your credit and maintain good credit in the future. 

How does Lexington Law fix your credit?

Lexington Law has created a four-step plan to improve your credit: 

1. Credit Report Analysis:

A team that’s been assigned to you will help create a plan and begin to target questionable items on your credit report.

2. Credit Disputing:

The team will contact the right people to begin challenging negative items on your report. 

3. Dispute Escalating:

The team will continue to dispute the items, if necessary. 

4. Credit Score Analysis and Mentoring:

After legal action is taken, you will have access to 24/7 credit score analysis tools through Lexington Law and credit counseling solutions to maintain your credit and improve even more!

On average, clients work with the firm for six months to help repair their credit score. 

How much does working with Lexington Law cost?

Lexington Law has various packages to help with your credit repair including Concord Standard, Concord Premier and PremierPlus packages. The packages range in pricing, starting at $89.85 per month.

There is also a first time work fee to consider, beginning at $89.95.

Lexington Law offers free options you can reference to repair your credit. Visit their blog for tips and tricks on DIY credit repair!

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